Massage Services

Mind/Body Balance 60 mins/$115 OR 90 mins/$165
This relaxing and harmonizing massage uses a personalized style for your body's aches and pains. Concentrates on easing tension and tightness, to increase circulation and improve muscle tone and energy flow.

Therapeutic Massage 60 mins/$115 OR 90 mins/$165 OR 120 mins/$205
Health maintenance targeting chronic patterns of tension using a variety of modalities. Tailored to your body's needs, this massage uses medium to deeper pressure to help re-establish balanced muscle movement and relief.

Ultimate Hot Towel 60 mins/$115 OR 90 mins/$165
A deeply calming and relaxing massage using organic body oils and hydrating shea butter lotion. Adding moist towels to major areas of the body will help alleviate tension and reconnect the body back into a renewed sense of well-being.

Prenatal 60 mins/$105 OR 90 mins/$145
Designed for the mother-to-be, this comforting, Swedish-Style massage supports the body's natural transitions throughout childbirth. Improving circulation to decrease swelling, ease back pain and promote restful sleep. Regular sessions can assist in the reduction of stretch-mark formations and edema.

Healthy Child 60 mins/$85
A introductory massage for pre-teens and teens (up to 16yrs) to help relax and learn how to deal with their body's stress. This offers the experience of Swedish massage, aromatherapy, Passive Joint movement, a mini lemon sugar back scrub, hot towels and scalp massage to complete the adventure. Parent or guardian must be present.

Tension Reliever 30 mins/$65
Customized for you, a 30 minute massage targeting the most common areas of tension: shoulders, neck, back and feet.